That’s me ~ Mind Full of Worthless Trivia

“You certainly are a repository of useless information. How do you know all that?’ David asked, with more amusement than admiration.

‘I have a mind like a magpie’s, easily distracted by interesting odds and ends,’ Ramses admitted.”

**Elizabeth Peters

Mine Too, Unfortunately

“It is an eminently logical, practical plan.”
“All your plans are,” said Emerson. “Until they fall apart.”

**Amelia Peabody

Ready. . . Set. . . Boom!

“Now, Mama, Papa, and sir,” said Ramses, “please withdraw to the farthest corner and crouch down with your backs turned. It is as I feared; we will never break through by this method. The walls are eight feet thick. Fortunately I brought along a little nitroglycerin–“

“Oh, good Gad,” shrieked Inspector Cuff.”

**Deeds of the Disturber


Unwanted Advice

“Your trousers are on fire. I would have told you, but you so dislike advice…”
–Elizabeth Peters