Liebster Award

Thanks so much to Random Dorkness who so graciously nominated me for the Liebster Award!  As per the rules of acceptance, here are my answers to her 11 questions, and a nomination of some other bloggers who I frequently follow and who deserve recognition.  Thanks!

Her Questions/My Responses

  1. What is the answer to the great question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
    1. God 🙂  I find His existence answers every question I’ve thrown out there about the world and our role in it.  Although if the question is what are we supposed to do with our life, then I would have to say approach everything with the goal of being a. interested and b. happy.  I make it a motto to always choose things that I’m fascinated in and really want to do when filling my days.  God gave us life to fill as we choose (ethically), and a whole world and all of known time to enjoy in the process. What a way to live!
  2. In your Opinion, is the climbing hydrangea or the bougainvillea more evil?
    1. I’d have to say the bougainvillea, because I just LOVE the hydrangeas (even climbing ones).  They are beautiful in all types and are easily grown where I live.  I actually went to Japan last summer and there were millions of these and it truly just lit up everything!
  3. Can you Hula-Hoop?
    1. Sort of? 0_0  I was pretty good when I was little (I almost won a competition :P) but I’ve sadly gotten out of practice over the years.  Although I did buy one last summer so maybe I’ll re-learn?
  4. Even if you could hula-hoop, why the heck would you want to?
    1. So I always had a secret dream to have the hips and moves of a Hawaiian hula dancer, and for some reason I feel like hula hooping gets me one step closer 😛  Okay, in truth, it’s because they say it’s a great way to lose weight!
  5. What is the magic word?
    1. Okay, so mine is more of a phrase: “Open Sesame”.  I open all those store doors like a jedi just by waving my arms and using the magic phrase 🙂
  6. Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, or Spock?
    1. Spock, how can that ever even be an issue?
  7. What sort of punishment should a blogger be subjected to, who recycles his or her old ideas and just hopes against hope that no one will notice?
    1. None, they are right, I probably won’t notice.  And if I didn’t love it before then maybe I just missed it.
  8. If I gave you a bucket of water balloons and let you loose, who would you splosh first, and why?
    1. My mom, because she would get a kick out of it and it would probably lead to an awesome fight. 🙂
  9. What is the first thing that pops into your head when you cross your eyes, stick out your tongue, and hop up and down on one foot?
    1. My ankle’s a gonner.
  10. What is your superpower?
    1. Memory–I can memorize anything, including entire books and movies.
  11. Do you have a secret identity?
    1. Probably 20 or 30 if you count all the ones online 🙂  In the real world, not so much.  I am what you see!

My Blogger Recommendations

In No Particular Order

  1. Nevalalee
  2. ItsJasminSantiago
  3. PinkyBinks
  4. BuildingmyBento
  5. Drifting Ashore
  6. FeelingNomad

My Questions for them, If they so choose 🙂

  1. How would you describe your blog in one sentence? (And no, not a paragraph-long one:P)
  2. What drove you to writing?
  3. What do you feel is your best post (and not just the one that got the most likes)?
  4. What is your life’s motto?
  5. And finally, for fun: If you had to choose one animal to be with you in a plane would you pick a crazy gorilla or a tame bear and why?


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