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As a quote-collector, I thought I would share a few favorites.  This is really just a place where I’ll collect and sort them, instead of having an extensive one-note file 😛

But, more seriously, Sophocles, Greek dramatist and author of Antigone and Oedipus Rex, once observed, “[a] short saying oft contains much wisdom” (Bartlett).  Passages conveying insightful thoughts merit learning by heart.  Quotations share the originator’s message while demonstrating that significant knowledge occasionally comes from unexpected sources, that important ideas do not always require long-winded explanations, and that remembering expressions encouraging the soul is as important as recalling theoretical sayings about living life to the fullest.

The messages contained within familiar quotations reveal little lessons of wisdom, although the process of finding beautiful quotations teaches unique lessons as well.  Wisdom is important to everyone seeking to apply learned knowledge to his or her life.  One method for seeking wisdom is to ponder the sayings of those considered wise.  In the New King James Bible, the story of Job frequently examines the search for and definition of wisdom but one quote in particular stands out.  Job 12:12 says, “With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding” (NKJV).  Quotations allow the ancient, the experienced, and the wise to share the lessons they learned through trial and error, experience, and the misfortunes of life, thus providing words of wisdom.

They are worth remembering


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